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On-Demand Webinar 

Harnessing Attack Surface Management:

A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity

Watch this exclusive on-demand webinar led by Encore’s Co-Founder, Lior Arbel, where he dives into the world of Attack Surface Management (ASM). In this 50-minute session, you'll gain valuable insights into understanding ASM, learn about the importance of protecting your organisation's attack surface, and discover how Encore’s ASM solution can help you optimise your security posture.

During the webinar, Lior will provide a comprehensive overview of attack surface management, highlighting its significance in today's evolving threat landscape. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the potential risks and vulnerabilities that can impact your organisation's security, enabling you to make informed decisions to protect your valuable assets.

The webinar will explore best practices for implementing an effective ASM strategy. Lior will share valuable tips and techniques to optimise your security posture using Encore ASM, empowering you to proactively mitigate threats and reduce your organisation's exposure to potential attacks.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding attack surface management

  • Best practices for implementing an effective ASM strategy

  • A demo demonstrating how Encore ASM can enhance your security operations, streamline your vulnerability management process, and provide real-time visibility into your attack surface.

  • Real-world case study examples, showcasing how organisations have successfully leveraged ASM to safeguard their digital assets.

Lior Arbel

Co-Founder, Encore

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