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Encore integrates your entire security stack into one simple interface, allowing you to focus on what really matters - improving your security posture.

Automate Security Reporting

Provide proof of visibility and security

Faster security decisions, improve your response

Improve ROI from existing security technologies

Immediate insight into regulatory and audit compliance

Integrated with all leading security vendors
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Meet Encore

Integrated with more than 40 leading security tools, Encore provides insight, actions and reports like no other.
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Our Story

With more than 25 years’ experience providing professional services and cyber security consulting for the largest companies in the world, we brought this knowledge to Encore. Our team are comprised of hackers and engineers that know the mindset and tooling of the attackers, and how to get the most coverage out of security tooling. 

Game Designer
Our Vision

Security is hard, too hard. Every tool promises to keep you safe but they all work in silos - Security incidents happen in the dark places, the unmonitored assets, the misconfigured devices and where you have security gaps - Encore shines a light on all of these, providing you with the insight to ensure you get the most security coverage possible

Encore visualises information that can be confusing and often overwhelming, providing accurate and action-based reporting and visibility across numerous security controls, through one secure portal.


We integrate with all leading Security technologies to provide integrated, and de-duplicated information that any one system alone can't see.

You may have the worlds best EDR and vulnerability platform, but neither can tell you which users are missing which security control - Encore can.

Utilising our integrated platform Encore will help you:

  • Speed up the decision-making process with real-time information

  • Improve compliance and coverage

  • Manage threats and minimise the attack surface

  • Create a view into regulatory and audit compliance

  • Ensure better ROI from existing investments

  • Provide proof and visibility of security

Encore is a cloud-based and secure by design, modular platform that has been custom built from the ground up to address the growing need for operational security efficiency and monitoring.


Encore Key Benefits

Unified view of security tooling

Encore presents all your security controls in one place, removing the requirement for security personnel and management to access numerous security dashboards to gain insight and context into the current state of the environment.

Security dashboard and reporting

Board-level reporting of your security posture available at the click of a button. Deliver in minutes what used to take weeks.

Intuitive dashboards provide consolidated intelligence to deliver what-next level actions across your security tooling portfolio. In one view you can see your global security platform coverage, and where it's missing.

Insights to drive better security

We have applied our deep knowledge and experience in security operations to provide easily consumable reports, metrics, and a myriad of features providing additional context to the security manager, to operations, and to the extended business, right up to Board-level.

Consolidate security
Understand your attack profile
Ensure security coverage

Customers References

“I rely 100% on Encore to produce my reports"

IS Manager

“So much value, especially around incident response"

CIO, Finance

“Encore is indeed powerful"

“We tried building some of the functionality you have, you delivered 1000x more"

Senior Manager, IT

Head of IS, Telecoms

“Does in minutes what takes my team weeks"

CISO, Mining

“Great tool. I can testify to it's capability"

CISO, Finance

Awards and Recognitions


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