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Industry Research Report

The True Cost of Cyber


Defending your organisation from a breach doesn’t come cheap – but it’s considerably more affordable than the cost of a successful breach. Organisations have a good understanding of the known costs – ransom payments, recovering lost assets etc – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


To provide a clearer understanding of the costs of a cyber-attack, we dive deep under the waters to reveal the costs that are more unknown to CISOs.


This is supported by data from our landmark research project, which included over 500 officer workers, 100 CISOs and 100 C-level executives from the UK and US, highlighting new costs that CISOs have never had to face before.

Inside The True Cost of Cyber eBook 

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Recovery costs are viewed by CISOs as the biggest, most obvious cost of a cyber breach

Organisations are beginning to understand that reputational costs are a huge threat


Officer workers are taking cyber breaches into account when deciding to work with a new company, opening up a whole new host of costs in recruitment


There are more ominous costs associated with cyber breaches aside from just money


Gaining visibility and achieving cyber safety are the two best strategies to minimise the costs of a cyber attack

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