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E-Book: Industry Research Report

The State of
Cybersecurity 2022:

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CISOs are facing increasing pressures both internally and externally. Threats are on the rise, employees continue to be a threat despite best efforts, and the board provides verbal support but lacks financial support.
To get a clearer understanding of these evolving challenges faced by CISOs, we commissioned a landmark research project to get their professional perspective on the current state of cybersecurity in 2022.
This study included over 500 office workers, 100 CISOs and 100 C-Level executives from the UK and the US, providing valuable insight into the evolving market.

Inside The State of Cybersecurity 2022 e-book 

The board are heavily prioritising cybersecurity but fail to properly invest until it’s too late

Employee behaviour continues to be a major threat, despite both CISOs and office workers believing adequate training is provided

With cyber attacks increasing exponentially, the CISOs we surveyed provide their views on where the biggest threats are within an organisation and where the biggest risks lie after an attack

Finally, the report gives advice to CISOs dealing with the many challenges their role encompasses

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