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The Cybersecurity Training Illusion

Has cybersecurity training become a ‘tick box’ exercise?
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Think about your current business approach to cybersecurity training. Can you honestly say, with complete confidence, that your workforce is as clued up on basic cyber hygiene as they could be?


If you answered yes to that question, you’ve already made your first mistake.


Given that 82% of all breaches last year involved a human element, it’s clear that people remain one of the biggest threats to business cyber infrastructure.


A compounding factor is that cyber training has become a ‘tick box’ exercise, with some approaches being far less effective than what company’s perceive.


It’s time for a rethink.

Inside The Cybersecurity Illusion eBook 

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C-Suites are aware of the risk that employees pose to their business, but the majority are confident in the safeguards they have in place


9 out of 10 Executives feel their company provides adequate cybersecurity training, yet workers still use the same password for work and personal devices


Expert insights reveal an evolution of the way we view cyber best practice


There is still significant employee uncertainty around common malicious cyber techniques


The five ‘must haves’ for all  company cybersecurity training programmes 

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