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Tuesday 22 & Wednesday 23 February 2022
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Ransomware attacks have surged 311% in the past year with a business now being attacked every 11 seconds. From crippling the Irish healthcare system and shutting down 45% of the eastern United States’ fuel supply to stopping manufacturing and production lines globally, attacks are hitting hard.


Ransom demands have surpassed £50 million and the average cost of recovery is around 10

times the size of the ransom demanded.


The Ransomware Resilience Summit Europe will bring organisations and their expert advisors together to benchmark resilience and business continuity planning, sharing lessons learned and enabling businesses to better protect themselves.

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Panel session

There’s an imposter among us: best practices for spotting an attacker in your network

Ransomware attacks may often appear to come from nowhere, but there is often a significant period between access and the ransomware being launched. During this time, there are warning signs as the attack life cycle plays out, moving laterally across systems and networks. Understanding how to identify unauthorised access, track their movement and which signs to look out for is critical in stopping an attack early.


  • Understanding how the attack cycle works

  • What to look for: exploring how to spot the beginnings of an attack

  • Determining what is on your network and the entry points available to criminals

  • Is now the time for Zero Trust? Evaluating trust and risk with 3rd parties and staff

Lior Arbel

CTO, Encore

Paul Haywood


Keith Nicholson

Head, Cyber Threat Operations, HMRC

Date: Tuesday 22 February

Time: 13:30-14:30 GMT

Venue: 15Hatfields, Chadwick Court, London SE1 8DJ

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