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Empowering CISO's with Asset and Attack Surface Management Best Practices

As a new CISO, one of the most important responsibilities is to ensure the security of your organisation's assets and manage its attack surface. Asset management and attack surface management tools can save a lot of time and effort in understanding your organisation's assets and associated risks. Without these tools, it can take months to fully comprehend the scope of your organisation's assets and vulnerabilities.

As a CISO, you are expected to make improvements almost from your first day on the job. Unlike other executive roles, there is often no grace period to get up to speed on the organisation's security posture. By utilizing asset management and attack surface management tools, you can quickly gain visibility into your organisation's assets and vulnerabilities, and implement controls to protect them.

Together, these two practices form the foundation of a strong security program and are essential for protecting your organisation from cyber threats. By implementing effective asset management and attack surface management strategies, you can reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents, and ensure the continued success of your organisation. - Attack Surface Management (ASM) combine the two practices together in one platform allowing any security and/or risk manager to identify their assets and understand the risk related to gaps and/or misconfiguration of their tools.

Encore is a SAAS platform that deployed easily and does not require any agents on end user devices.

we helped many CISO's that landed into a new organisation or ones that were involved in acquiring other organisations to understand their environment in days not months helping them to prioritize their efforts and monitor their progress.

Encore also provides a dashboard to measure KPI'S which can be presented to the board showing areas that improve and areas that potentially require more investment.


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