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Key Use Cases Unveiled: Maximizing Security with Attack Surface Management (ASM)

🔍 Coverage: Encore seamlessly integrates with your security stack, identifying all unique assets in your estate. Our platform maps your coverage against each control and pinpoints the exact devices lacking controls.

⚔️ External Attack Surface: View your attack surface from the attacker's perspective. Identify weak points across breached users, exposed public hosts, email configurations, and potentially malicious sites posing as your own.

🚨 Incident Triage: Encore consolidates views per asset or device, enabling faster response and remediation times. Analysts can now see the whole picture, limiting the impact of a breach without needing to correlate information from multiple sources manually.

🛡️ Compliance: By extracting key information from each control, Encore identifies risk areas based on your configurations, making it faster and easier to enhance your security posture.

📊 Reporting: Drawing from deep security experience, Encore delivers easily consumable dashboards, reports, metrics, and many other features that provide additional context for security managers up to the board level.

💻 Host Health: Security tooling is ineffective if it's not actively monitoring your IT estate. Encore’s health monitoring actively checks your security applications, with customizable alerting for when something isn’t working as expected.

Experience the difference with Encore - stay one step ahead in the cyber security battle 👊💼🔐


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