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Get Complete Security Visibility in Minutes 

View like a hacker and get a closer look at end-to-end reporting, and real-time visibility across numerous security controls.

with our security experts

Integrated with more than 40 leading security tools,
Encore provides insight, actions and reports like no other.

It's no longer a matter of 'if' but rather 'when' will a potential attack happen.

Are you prepared? What steps have you taken in preventing a potential attack, and what challenges do you face?

Learn from our experts on how Encore can help in providing you with the insight to ensure you get the most security coverage possible.

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Your bespoke demo will cover:

How to speed up the decision-making process with real-time information

How you can improve your compliance and coverage

How to manage threats and minimize the attack surface

How to create a view into regulatory and audit compliance

How to ensure better ROI from your existing investments

How you can provide proof and visibility of security to your stakeholders

Personalised Q and A with Hackers and Engineers.

Book a Bespoke demo now

Integrated with all leading security vendors

Customers References

“I rely 100% on Encore to produce my reports"

IS Manager

“So much value, especially around incident response"

CIO, Finance

“Encore is indeed powerful"

“We tried building some of the functionality you have, you delivered 1000x more"

Senior Manager, IT

Head of IS, Telecoms

“Does in minutes what takes my team weeks"

CISO, Mining

“Great tool. I can testify to it's capability"

CISO, Finance

Encore is cloud-based and secure by design, modular platform that has been custom built from the ground up to address the growing need for operational security efficiency and monitoring. 
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