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Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management shows both your internal and external environment to give a holistic view of risk

Making Cyber Security Simple

Encore was built by cyber security experts to address the challenges we faced while working with clients to make their organisations safer. We saw how busy the client teams are regardless of their size, spending many hours identifying assets, collecting information, generating reports and reacting to alerts that in many cases turned out to be low priority.

Encore is here to help.

Visibility is simple

Gain visibility of risk across the entire attack surface by bringing the internal and external worlds together in one platform

Queries are simple

Easily interrogate data to examine specific configurations or entities

Management is simple

Automatically surfaces gaps and risks with explanations throughout

Reporting is simple

Reports produced at the click of a button that are based on data, not opinion

Installation is simple

Agentless deployment typically completed within a few hours

Integration is simple

If we don’t support a client’s product we will build the integration, at no additional cost

Support is simple

A dedicated customer team ensures you get the most from the platform, with direct access to the development team if needed

Pricing is simple

Clear, transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Pricing is based on the number of workstations and starts from £1K per month.

Encore is a neutral tool that doesn’t have an agent on a server. We can trust the values that are in there. If I need to investigate something, that’s the source where I start.”

- Technology Manager, Insurance


Using manual processes to identify assets in your estate and coverage gaps?

Encore automates the full process and updates continually

Inability to trust the data collated from manual processes?

Sophisticated matching techniques eliminate errors

Relying on too few sources?

Encore uses data from all connected tools to provide the most complete view

Eliminate security tool gaps

Even the best tools will not protect you if they are not aware of some of your devices. Trying to identify gaps can be time-consuming and prone to errors when extracting and consolidating information from different tools.


Encore checks each tool every hour and presents a correlated view of your entire device estate, providing a near real-time view of exactly where you are covered and which devices are missing in each security tool. You can also easily segment the data across specific operating systems, device types, tools and more, to easily review specific configurations.

The missing link which provides real time visibility of my Information Security estate"

- Security and Risk Management, Services Industry


Data held across different systems from multiple vendors?

We consolidate data from all leading security vendors

Raw data not in the same format, requiring manual work to consolidate?

One report format that you can use as the base for management reporting

Data sat with different teams, creating delays in gathering all required data sources?

Information from all tools is readily available

Time taken to produce reports means the data presented is outdated by the time it is presented?

We extract all required data in near real-time and generate reports in seconds

Drastically reduce your reporting time.

Generating reports can take anywhere from hours to weeks due to the number of different tools and the manual processes involved. Typically, raw data needs to be extracted from all the systems in scope before it can be normalised, consolidated, manipulated and validated. Often the data sits across different teams and any delays in collating data reduces the accuracy of reporting due to changes in the environment.

Organisations using Encore can produce comprehensive reports across the entire security environment in seconds at the press of a button, saving precious time and therefore improving security team productivity. The near real-time view of data means reports can be generated when they are needed, instead of showing a view of how the environment looked previously.

Encore works like a charm to bring all of that information together. It's the policeman policing the rest of the environment”

- CIO - Finance


Too many tools to log in and out of?

Gain visibility across all tools within one interface

Insufficient expertise in every tool?

Key highlights and risks from each control are shown in a consistent format

Overwhelmed by alerts requiring investigation, making the team reactive?

Encore prioritises your risks so that you can make the smallest changes with the biggest impact

Optimising security tool performance

Once you have deployed the appropriate security tools, the key is to ensure they are performing as effectively as possible. Misconfigured controls create unnecessary risk and negate the expected value from your investments.


Encore provides a single interface that surfaces key information across your entire estate to show tool performance and configuration. Instead of having to log into many different systems, teams can dramatically reduce time working across different consoles and gain clarity over where their efforts are best spent, to maximise the reduction of risk.

We tried building some of the functionality you have, you delivered 1000x more”

- Head of IS, Telecoms


Need to quickly understand the security estate?

Our agentless platform installs in minutes

Inherited tools chosen by other people?

Supporting over 40 technologies, we’ll help you get to grips with tools you may not have experience in

Need to minimise time to having an impact on the security posture?

Identify remediation priorities in minutes after installing

Understanding a new environment

Have you just started a new role or acquired a new company? If so, getting your head around your security maturity can be challenging, which can take months. You may have inherited tools you are not familiar with or would not have chosen, but now need to be able to provide a view on their health and identify where to focus the efforts of your team, to reduce risk.


By gaining visibility across the entire attack surface, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to understand the security environment and see where remediation efforts can have the greatest impact.  From summary dashboards and trending data, you can evaluate where you are at any point in time and demonstrate the impact of measures taken over selected time periods.

So much value, especially around incident response.”

- CIO, Finance


Different systems with different information?

Encore provides a single interface across your security tooling

Waiting on other teams to get access?

Encore provides insight into other typically siloed security information

Minutes to triage an incident?

One global search provides the context and security information to make the right decisions

Immediate visibility when you need it most

When you are triaging an incident, or trying to gain fuller visibility during an investigation, time is not on your side. You need complete information, immediately. Often, the data you need to provide the full view, sits across multiple tools and needs requests to be sent to various teams.


Encore provides a near real-time consolidated view of information for every user, device and IP address, enabling teams to assess and analyse data in a fraction of the time it would normally take. With real-time visibility of your external attack surface, you can cross-reference internal and external risk within a single platform.

Following an initial review of the data presented within the Attack Module we have made a number of urgent requests for changes to reduce risk relating to a number of sub-domains, which demonstrates the value of the tool on Day 1”

- Information Security Project Manager


Are you identifying the weakest parts of your attack surface that hackers could choose to target?

Encore provides a single view of potential weaknesses from multiple open-source intelligence feeds

 Are you aware of the public facing assets that IT were not involved in?

Encore uncovers shadow IT

Find your external security weaknesses before they are exploited

Encore helps you reduce risk by bringing data together from a range of open-source intelligence feeds to reveal potential weak points in your external attack surface. This attacker’s view allows you to close gaps before they are exploited.


We then go a step further and link this information back to the internal environment to give you a complete view of risk. It is useful to understand which users have had their credentials leaked, but the insight needed to reduce risk, is knowing whether their machine is lacking controls or passwords that have not been changed following a security breach.


You may have a vulnerability scanner that you believe works across all assets, but what if the business has exposed assets that security is not even aware of? Encore can ensure you reduce risk and maximise the investment in your vulnerability management tool by checking that the external hosts identified through open-source intelligence, are all being scanned.

Does in minutes what takes my team weeks”

- CISO, Mining


Blind spots into the services offered by Managed Security Service Providers?

Encore will surface key metrics you need to measure performance

Need to wait for weekly or monthly reports to gauge performance?

Near real-time data allows you to see performance data whenever you need it

Receiving disparate data from internal and external sources?

Encore will extract and present consolidated data in near real-time and generate reports in seconds

Validation and Visibility

Organisations are increasingly turning to outsourced providers to address resource constraints and the security skills gap. Although a level of trust is key to a strong working relationship, relying entirely on externally provided information to validate the service you are receiving, can create risk.


Encore ensures you have near real-time visibility into both the coverage and configurations of your security tools, enabling you to have a full view of the performance of your managed service provider. Trending information allows you to easily measure performance over time and identify any issues that may affect your security posture.

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