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The Benefits of Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Why Your CISO Needs ASM

A CISO without an ASM solution is like an army general without counterintelligence. Both leaders need to have a full understanding of their environment to properly execute their duties and protect their assets, they are even better positioned if they know what intelligence the enemy holds about them. A CISO without an ASM solution lacks visibility into their full attack surface, leaving blind spots for potential threats to exploit. Similarly, a General without counterintelligence is unaware of the enemy's plans and tactics, putting their forces at risk. Don't leave yourself vulnerable, invest in the tools and intelligence necessary to defend against today's constantly evolving threats. - Attack Surface Management (ASM) already helping many CISO's in doing exactly that, with visibility of both their external assets using OSINT and internal view using API's and other means, the product is easy to deploy and manage and allows CISO's to better prepared and prioritise their efforts - for a demo just go to and we will be happy to show you the value our platform brings.

Watch Demo Preview Here.


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