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Maximize Your Security Potential with Encore ASM - Freeing CISOs to Strategise

Are you a CISO looking for a security solution that can help you focus more on strategic planning? - Attack Surface Management (ASM) might be the answer you've been looking for.

Encore ASM helps organisations identify and manage their attack surface, which is the sum of all the ways an attacker can gain unauthorized access to an organisation's systems or data. By automating and streamlining security operations, Encore ASM frees up CISOs from manual security work and allows them to focus more on strategic planning.

Here are three ways Encore ASM can help CISOs change their daily activities to focus more on strategy:

1. Automated Attack Surface Discovery: Encore ASM can automatically discover an organisation's entire attack surface, including External Digital Assets, Employees that were part of a known breach, Internal Digital Assets and any gap in coverage and misconfiguration. This frees up CISOs from manual security operations and allows them to focus on strategic planning.

2. Continuous Risk Assessment: Encore ASM provide continuous monitoring and risk assessment of an organisation's attack surface, allowing CISOs to identify and prioritise the most critical risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

3. Integration with Security Tools: Encore ASM can integrate with other security tools, such as vulnerability scanners and threat intelligence platforms, to provide a holistic view of an organisation's security posture. This allows CISOs to make informed decisions and prioritise their security investments based on actual risk rather than guesswork.

Overall, Encore ASM can help CISOs streamline their daily workload, reduce manual effort, and focus more on strategic planning, resulting in a stronger and more secure organisation.

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