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Encore recognised for Best Risk Management in prestigious cyber awards

Maidenhead. May 2022: Encore has been shortlisted for Best Risk Management in this year’s SC Europe Awards.

Following accelerated growth in 2021 with a 350% increase YoY, this achievement further establishes Encore as a key player in the risk management space.

Unlike many cyber security solutions requiring deep knowledge and understanding to see value, Encore already includes the “know-how”, with minimal configuration required to gain visibility from the first report. The solution also does not require an agent installed on each endpoint and instead collects information directly from the disparate systems.

One of our clients reports, "The [Encore] team jumped at adding additional functionality. They got the configurations and customisations done within one to two weeks. We loved that enthusiasm and professionalism."

Brendan Kotze, Chief Executive Officer at Encore, commented: “Since securing its first paying client in 2020, Encore has established itself as a trusted partner for its customers. The team is dedicated to helping all security teams gain greater visibility into their network gaps and cyber maturity, working together to ensure a safer future through sophisticated risk management.”

To see the full shortlists, see here on the SC Awards website:

About Encore

With more than 25 years’ experience providing professional services and cyber security consulting for the largest companies in the world, we brought this knowledge to Encore. Our team are comprised of hackers and engineers that know the mindset and tooling of the attackers, and how to get the most coverage out of security tooling.

Encore visualises information that can be confusing and often overwhelming, providing accurate and action-based reporting and visibility across numerous security controls, through one secure portal.


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