top of page The Game-Changer for MSSPs in Enhancing Security and Efficiency

Managed Security Services providers can greatly benefit from utilizing Attack Surface Management (ASM) to better understand and manage their clients' attack surfaces. By being proactive in identifying gaps in coverage, detecting misconfigurations, and providing a single source of truth for easy reporting. - Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform allows for a comprehensive view of both external and internal attack surfaces. This enables cyber security services providers to detect and respond to potential threats in a timely manner, ensuring that their clients are protected against the ever-evolving threat landscape and providing a better service overall. Watch the demo preview below

Encore was built by a leading MSSP to answer an internal need in getting better visibility and context to their clients environment. Encore not only enables MSSP's to be proactive and remediate cyber risks before an attacker will abuse them but also saves MANY man hours across the board allowing MSSP's to provide better service at a lower cost while improving margins (it costs less to provide the service)


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