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Eliminate security tool gaps

Even the best tools will not protect you if you are missing coverage on your devices. Trying to identify gaps can be challenging and error-prone when extracting and consolidating information from different tools.

Encore checks each tool every hour and correlates the data from across your tools for you. This  provides a near real-time view of exactly where you are covered and where your gaps are what you need to investigate. You can also easily segment the data however you’d like across on specific operating systems, device types, tools and more. 

Encore ensures your tools cover every device they need to, ensuring full value from each security control without the huge cost in time manually assessing coverage.

Manual processes to identify devices in estate and coverage gaps?

We do this all day, every day!

Relying on too few sources

Our Security CMDB gives you a global view across your security environment

Inability to trust data after analysis

No agent required, Encore consolidates all information


Encore is a neutral tool that doesn’t have an agent on a server. We can trust the values that are in there. If I need to investigate something, that’s the source where I start.”

- Technology Manager, Insurance

Drastically reduce your reporting time

Generating reports can take anywhere from hours to weeks to produce due to the  manual processes involved. Typically, raw data needs to be extracted from all systems in scope before it can be consolidated and manipulated. Often the data sits across different teams and any delays in collating the data decreases the accuracy due to changes in the environment.


After deploying Encore, organisations can generate a comprehensive report across their entire security environment in seconds at the press of a button, saving precious time that can be better spent. The near real-time view of data means that reports can be generated when they are needed, instead of showing a historical view of how the environment used to look.

Data held across different systems from multiple vendors?

We consolidate data from all leading security vendors

Not in the same format, requiring manual work to consolidate?

One report format that you can use as the base for exec reporting

Time taken to produce reports means the data presented is outdated by the time it is presented?

We do it in seconds!


Does in minutes what takes my team weeks.”

- CISO, Mining

Visibility across all technologies, no agent required!

Data can sit with different teams, which creates delays in gathering all required data sources?

Understand a new environment

Are you thinking of buying a company, or have you just started a new role? If so getting your head around your risk and maturity can be a months long challenge, we take that down to hours.


Encore minimises the time needed to understand your environment and start having an impact. After joining a new organisation, your first challenge is to get to grips with the new environment to identify where to have an impact.  At best it can take months but sometimes far longer.


Encore rapidly speeds up this process by providing a single pane of glass across your environment. It’s easy to identify coverage gaps, misconfigured controls and external exposure, with risks surfaced and highlighted for every control.


The months saved by Encore in evaluating the environment enables you to make an impact by focusing your efforts on improving your security posture.

Need to quickly understand the security estate

Our agentless platform installs in minutes

Inherited tools chosen by other people

Supporting over 40 technologies we’ll help you get to grips with tools you’ve never seen before.

Need to minimise time to having an impact on security posture

Gain global visibility in minutes after installing


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- Technology Manager, Insurance

More bang for your security buck

Once you’ve secured the best security tools the key is to ensure they are performing at their best. Misconfigured controls created unnecessary risk and negate the value you’d expect to see from your investment.


Encore provides a single interface that surfaces key information across your entire estate to show how tools are performing and the configurations creating risk. Instead of having to log into many different tools, teams can dramatically reduce time working across different consoles and gain clarity over where their efforts are best spent to maximise the reduction of risk.

Too many tools to log in and out of

We provide one interface to rule them all

Insufficient expertise in all tools

Key highlights and risks from each control are shown

Team overwhelmed by alerts requiring investigation, making the team reactive

Encore prioritises your risks so that you can make the smallest changes with the biggest impact


Encore works like a charm to bring all of that information together. It’s the policeman policing the rest of the environment.”

- CIO, Finance

Immediate visibility when you need it most

When you’re triaging an incident or trying to gain fuller visibility during an investigation time isn’t on your side, you need complete information, right then.


Encore provides a consolidated view of information for every user, device and IP address, enabling teams to assess and analyse information in a fraction of the time it would normally take to collect it. With real-time visibility of your external attack surface you can cross reference internal and external risk from one platform.

Different systems with different information?

Encore provides one interface across your Security tooling

Waiting on other teams to get access?

Encore gives you insight into other typically silo’d security information

Minutes to triage an incident?

Once global search provides you context right security information to make the right call


So much value, especially around incident response.”

- CIO, Finance

Find your external security weakness before the bad guys do

Encore helps you reduce your risk by bringing together open-source intelligence to reveal potential weak points in your external attack surface. We then go a step further and link this information back to the internal environment to give you a true view of risk.


It’s useful to know which users have leaked credentials but knowing whether their machine is lacking controls or passwords haven’t been changed since a breach provides the insights you need to reduce risk.


You may have a vulnerability scanner that you believe scans all assets, but what if the business has exposed assets that security is not even aware of? Encore can ensure you reduce risk and maximise the investment in your VM tool by checking the external hosts we’ve identified through OSINT are all being scanned.


  • Identifying weakest parts of your attack surface that attackers would choose to target

  • Awareness of public facing assets that IT were not involved in

  • Number of different sources of OSINT 

How Encore helps

  • Providing a single view of potential weaknesses from multiple OSINT sources

  • Tools to easily identify key areas to address, including risky open ports, critical vulnerabilities with known exploits, breached users with missing controls on their devices etc.


Following an initial review of the data presented within the Attack Module we have made a number of urgent requests for changes to reduce risk relating to a number of sub domains which demonstrates the value of the tool on Day 1.”

- Information Security Project Manager

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